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(1) Do you acknowledge that you broke a server rule? No
(1-1) If you answered no, please explain why you do not acknowledge breaking a rule.
(1-2) If you answered yes, please explain what made you decide to break a rule. I was criticizing LunaWillowind and StarZlinger (who i know have since been banned) and they thought i went too far and perma-banned me. I was just speaking my mind about some issues with the server.

(2) Do you feel as if your ban was fair and justified? No
(2-1) If you answered no, please explain why you feel your ban was unfair.
I was only speaking my mind and wasn't hurtful or trying to offend them in any way.

3) Why should you be unbanned and why do you want to be unbanned?
I think that i should be unbanned because i don't think its fair for me to be banned for sharing my opinion. I've also gotten back into minecraft recently so i want to be able to get back on here.

(4) Please include any additional information you would like to include or you feel may be useful to your appeal.
They were banned for mistreatment of players and many other things and i feel like i fell victim to that.
Posted Nov 3, 18 · OP
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they also banned my alt (Dangonica)
Posted Nov 4, 18 · OP
Voted today
You have been unbanned. Hope to see you on PGMC! :)
Posted Nov 4, 18
Unbanned you and alt account.

Please be mindful of what you say in the future and be respectful, which I'm sure you already are :)

Welcome back! :bananadance:
Posted Nov 4, 18
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